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Classy Jesters Net Worth


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Classy Jesters Net Worth



Net Worth$50 Thousand
Full NameOlawuyi Taheed Olatunde
CategoryNigerian Comedians
Last Updated2021


How Much is Classy Jesters Net Worth in Naira



According to  Forbes Africa we found that the Nigerian Comedian, Olawuyi Taheed Olatunde  professionally called Classy Jester has the estimated Net worth of 19,025,000.00 in naira


Classy Jesters Biography


Olawuyi Taheed Olatunde Popularly known as Classy Jesters (MuMu Man) is a Nigerian Instagram Comedian With in excess of 180,000 Followers



He addresses significant expert in taking a gander at disillusioning Internet deception hustles for certain young people, street stuffs, and various social issues impacting energetic Nigerians using his entertaining perspective and Idea as a Mumu man.



Classy Jesters Career


Elegant Jesters Started acting farce in 2016, He started with his buddy named Yusuf Abdul Hakeem in any case called “Straightforward Lion” who is a candidate of Lautech before he got surrendered into another school which prompts their left.


That was where he started acting parody with Salahu Olawole Toheeb in any case called Smart Tizzle who is an understudy of Lautech University moreover in 300 level examining Computer science and Engineering


According to Classy performers, It hasn’t been genuinely straightforward, adjusting to scholastics and at this point seeking after a job. This is even the clarification he changed his course. he was from the outset inspecting estimations before crossed to the current office which is Transport Management.


Early Life Education



Classy Jesters was brought into the world on the 26th of May 1999 in Ogbomosho, Oyo state. he hailed from Osun state.


Olatunde went to Ajogbe Nursery and Primary school, He finished his lesser discretionary school at Bethel Baptist College and His senior At-Taoheed International School Isale Afon Ogbomosho in 2015


He gained entrance into Ladoke Akintola University (Lautech) Ogbomosho, Oyo state to ponder estimations yet later changed to Transport Management, he’s as of now in 300 level


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